Sharp Solar Panels

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Sharp is a world leader in solar power generation with half a century of experience providing innovative photovoltaic technology for applications ranging from satellites orbiting the earth to the humble pocket calculator.  Made in Japan, Sharp solar panels are a quality investment.

Continuously refined and field-proven, Sharp solar panels provide the optimum answer to practically every energy requirement – from low wattage right up to megawatts, for industrial applications and for residential use.

These days there are many different makes of solar panels to choose from, with most of them offering a 25 year warranty.  A warranty that covers such a length of time is only as good as the manufacturer backing the product, with Sharp’s long history you can be confident that they will still be around in another 25 years honouring the warranties of their products.  For a custom quotation with Sharp solar panels, please contact us by clicking here.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Sharp Solar Panels:

1. Sharp is a Brand you can Trust:
In today’s economic climate, the most important thing a company can provide to you, the customer, is peace of mind. Sharp is a well established company and has been around for almost 40 years. Their parent company in Japan was been established back in 1912. Sharp has been recognised as one of the leading companies in innovative technology and is well respected by their peers in the industry as well as by their customers.
2. Reliability and Quality:
Sharp has made more solar cells than any company in the world. With 50 years of experience in providing innovative technology, Sharp has firmly established its position as one of the world’s powerhouses in solar technology. Sharp Solar panels are Made in Japan and provide superb durability to withstand very harsh operating conditions, all backed by a 25 years performance warranty.
3. Financial Savings:
Solar power can supplement or provide all your electricity consumption, saving you money every day on your power bills. In addition, a solar power system protects you from rising electricity costs by providing you with a reliable source of power for years to come, therefore offering you energy independence and security.
4. Protect & Preserve the Environment:
Solar electricity is generated without emitting greenhouse gases. Unlike other energy resources such as fossil fuels, solar panels utilises the natural inexhaustible resource of sunlight, generating electricity without producing any environmentally harmful by-products that could lead to global warming.
5. Aesthetically Pleasing and Hassle-free:
Sharp have perfected the ability to harness the most abundant energy source in the world, combining elegant design and exceptional performance to deliver trusted and advanced environmental solutions. Sharp Solar panels are modern, silent and can be unobtrusively mounted on your existing roof, as well as requiring minimal maintenance and low running costs.
6. Sharp Solar Panels: A Sound Investment:
Having a solar power system installed with Sharp solar panels could very well increase the value of your property, and with the current Government rebates that are in place in Australia, it makes even more sense to take advantage of the power from the sun right now with Sharp solar panels.

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Click here for a FREE, no obligation quotation for Sharp solar panels from your local solar power experts.